What is The Hot nonsense?

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The Hot Nonsense is a new comedy production initiative that exists purely to make people laugh

All events, projects and designs produced - from live events to online events to print media and merchandise - are made with this goal in mind, never taking itself (or anything) too seriously. 


We're all in this ridiculous world together and The Hot Nonsense wants to celebrate the absurdity of it all and have a laugh with everyone...all the time...always.

Who though?


Tom Noble is a freelance comedy host, arts and entertainment producer, manager, administrator and designer working primarily in festivals across Australia and New Zealand.


Tom's key focus in the arts and entertainment field is in bringing communities together to laugh and supporting all artists and amazing folk who are making that happen.

Tom has worked for; Melbourne International Comedy Festival for five years as a Company Manager and Assistant Venues Manager, Melbourne International Film Festival as Events and Volunteer Manager, as well as Midsumma Festival, Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne International Jazz Festival, in various management roles.